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Deep Meditation Music: Relax Mind Body, Inner Peace, Relaxing Music, 7 Chakra Book & Align

Tribute at the feet of Sadguru BrahmaRishi Geetanand ji…. One day everyone has to go, then why to panic. Past time, past life, will not come back again. Childhood has passed, youth has gone, now old age has to come. After being trapped in the affair of Maya, I have to regret the end time. Wealth, wealth, family tribe, everything will be left here. Let your hands be spread alone, then you will regret behind. Shower happiness, spread happiness, work is going to go along. Ram resides in everyone’s house, we have to know by the grace of Guru Geetananda. Sweet words, good deeds, green name is to go along. Wake up now traveler, the past time will not come again. You have to go to the shelter of Guru and erase all your demerits. Practicing Brahma Yoga, is to awaken self-light. Krishna’s Krishna Guru Geetananda, surrender to Vatsal Bhagwana. The one who goes to shelter with a true heart, has to go easily. । I bow down to the Guru. Om Guru Ramanandaya Namah. ॐ योगः चित्त शरीराङ्गवाणिना नैव भवति