Hare Krishna Hare Ram 

#Yoga #spiritual #Love #devotion #Sadguru #India #bhakti #mandir

Tribute at the feet of #Sadguru #Gitanand ji:

Krishneshwar Geetanand Mahadev, be the protector of devotees.

You are going to defeat the hardships by giving your desired fruit. ।

Now how can I make you understand, without you my identity is nothing.

My life is because of you, if you are not there, then there is nothing to beat in my heart.

On the entangled paths of life, there is no support without your name.

Every deed is dedicated to you, if you are not there then this life is nothing.

Guru Geetanand, who lives in the breath of breath, my existence is nothing without you.

My #Ram, #Krishna, you are Mahadev, if you are not there then nothing.

I am drowning in the ocean of Bhav, there is nothing in my hands.

Whether you sink or wire, it’s your wish, my wish is nothing. ।

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudray, the song of the song of the song. ।

#Yoga #spiritual #Love #devotion #Sadguru #India #bhakti #mandir


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