Why to join?

 All the spiritual aspirants are invited to experience a divine transformation and self-realisation.

You are welcome to experience divine peace and prosperity through ancient Brahma Yoga Meditation Deeksha bestowed by Sadguru Brahmrishi Geetanand Saraswati..


Why to join? (Benefits) :

  • To manifest your destiny to fulfill your golden desires
  • To be free from negativity, stress, anxiety, depression and obtain good fortune.
  • To experience more energy and activate all the chakras in simplest way and to be free from all disease (Physical, Mental/ physiological & Spiritual)
  • To balance hormones naturally
  • To improve concentration, strengthen the memory, brain Function and creativity
  • To attain glowing skin (works as natural anti – ageing)
  • To build better relationships
  • To help you to control your mind and make you more focused in life.
  • To get Happiness and Divine Peace
  • The easiest way to get self-realisation through ancient Brahm Yog, while living in materialistic world (Grihasthashram)
  • To follow the golden path of enlightenment
  • To be successful in career by attaining the super-conscious state of mind which enables you to achieve all the goals in life.
  • Benefits everyone - all age groups..


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